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Universal Fluid Services, LLC

As drilling services become more and more commoditized it takes a company with a different approach to assisting its customers to stand out as a true partner in the endeavor.  


Experience Matters! Universal Fluid Services engages a management team with over 200 years experiences in a wide array of areas in U.S. (shown on map) and internationally.

Oil Based Mud (Diesel)

Invert emulsion system typically used in a variety of formations where the internal phase is a brine (CaCl2 or NaCl) and the external phase is a hydrocarbon, usually diesel.

Polymer Based Systems

Numerous polymers can make up this systems and variations depend on density, temperature exposure and viscosity requirements.  These systems can be formulated to be calcium tolerant, temperature tolerant up to 300°F or higher and brine (NaCl or CaCl2) tolerant through saturation.

Calcium Based Systems

Sources of calcium are typically either lime (Ca(OH)2) or Gypsum (CaSO4).  Depending on pH, calcium levels can be run up to 2,000 or more mg/L.  These systems, Lime in particular, are very tolerant to acid gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).

Potassium Enhanced Systems

Most water based muds (WBM) can be further enhanced by additions of the potassium ion (K++) and the sources are typically, potassium hydroxide (KOH), potassium acetate (CH3CO2K), potassium sulfate (K2SO4) and in limited cases potassium chlorided (KCL).

Low Solids Non-Dispersed (LSND)

A common WBM that does not use powerful dispersants like lignite and/or CLS to maintain lower rheological properties.  Use of Sodium Polyacrylate technology is commonly deployed in these systems.

Synthetic Based Mud (SBM)

An invert emulsion system that uses synthetic oil (LAO, PAO, IO, Mineral Oil etc...) as its external primary phase and uses a brine (CaCl2 or NaCl) as its internal phase.  These oils typically have a larger molecular chain than diesel and as such are more environmentally friendly.

Lignite/Lignosulfonate (CLS)

Very common WBM that relies on lignite and/or Chrome lignosulfonate (CLS) to disperse the particles and control (lower) rheological values.  Can handle mud weights exceeding 16.0 ppg (1.92 SG) with little difficulty.


Universal Fluid Services (UFS) system that uses proprietary technology to protect shale zones and add lubricity to the fluid as a secondary benefit.  This system is capable of using fresh water or brine (NaCl) as its primary fuid makeup.


Universal Fluid Services offers a complete range of services to accomplish our goal of reducing overall drilling fluid cost.  On certain projects we also are the coordinators for a combined offering of fluids, solids control and waste management services in order to provide transparent, true costs associated with the fluid cost and maintenance.

On-Site Fluid Specialists

Our dedicated staff is highly experienced in all drilling fluid types and most completion fluid types.  Our specialists have an average of 21 years total fluids experience with a min/max of 11-44 years 

Equipment Rental

We have joined forces with industry leaders in obtaining, designing and implementing proven solids control equipment strategies to accompany our fluids offerings.


Hydraulics Analysis

Proprietary use of available software models precise ECD, Surge/Swab pressures taking into account things like tool joints, hole eccentricity and variable pump and ROP rates. Click to see actual 3D wellbore diagram.

End of Well Data/Recap

Every project, regardless of size, has an accompanying fluids recap along with the final bill. 


Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you as you continue to recognize drilling cost savings!